Interactive Fiction Books are The Next Dimension in Fiction Because You Step Inside the Story...

...And Once You Do, You Will be Astonished at How Real a Work of Fiction Can Seem.

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   Interactive Fiction is a Luxurious Indulgence Every Fan of Fiction Books Can Savor.

Are you in search of a fresh work of fiction to captivate you? Or perhaps a new form of stimulation for your mind and your imagination? Maybe you are an adventurer thirsting for new worlds to explore. You can stop searching because you've found what you've been looking for.

Interactive fiction delivers an unexpected experience for anyone who enjoys compelling fiction books. Interactive fiction breaks through the boundaries of the eBook by immersing you, the reader, in the story. In every Malinche work of interactive fiction you don't just read a fiction book, you become a part of it through your personal participation in how the story unfolds - and how it ends.

Welcome to the Next Dimension in Fiction Books

Did you ever wonder if you could solve a murder mystery?

Ever fancy yourself as a spy surrounded by international intrigue?

Have you ever wished you were the hero in a magical world of science fiction?

Do you remember laughing at a horror story because you knew you could be a better hero?

Perhaps you once imagined yourself as the captain of a Naval war ship on an urgent mission.

That's because we publish text adventure games.  Text adventure games read like a book but play like a game which makes the term interactive fiction fit best. We take the idea of eBooks one step further by making our fiction titles fully interactive and available to you in any almost form. You get the best of both worlds - fully immersive fiction you can enjoy anywhere on any computer and most any handheld device you already own without purchasing any special gadgets or hardware.



 We're Compatible.


All Malinche interactive fiction titles work perfectly on all versions of Windows and any version of Mac OS X. In addition, our interactive fiction books can be enjoyed on all Windows Mobile Phones, the iPod Touch, the iPhone , all iPads, all models of the RIM Blackberry and all Android tablets and Android phones.

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Our Resident Implementor Blinked His Eyes & Shifted The Barista to a New Location.

All of our Interactive Fiction Books Now Available on Nook HD and Nook HD+!

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