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"The difference between fiction and life is that fiction has to be credible." - Mark Twain

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Interactive Fiction eBooks Too.

Whether you are an avid fan of fiction books or if you're a veteran of interactive fiction you'll find a treasure trove of material here that's sure to whet your appetite for more.

Free Interactive Fiction Books - Download some free interactive fiction (aka text adventure games) that you can play on almost any computer, PDA or cell phone. Make sure you download the right interpreter first.

Interactive Fiction Player's Guide - Help yourself to our comprehensive player's guide. Feel free to save a copy to your computer and/or print it out. The Player's Guide is essential if you want to get the most out of our interactive fiction titles. Our player's guide is loaded with Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

eBooks on Steroids Video - Can't quite get the hang of interactive fiction? Check out our five minute video that shows you all the ropes - from loading an interactive fiction story file with an interpreter to fully interacting with our novels on every level.

NEW - Interactive Fiction on the Android - Learn how to load all of your Malinche interactive fiction books on your Android tablet or Android in less than ten minutes.

Interactive Fiction on the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod Touch- An illustrated  step-by-step guide that will have you enjoying interactive fiction on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in just about three minutes.

NEW - Nook Interactive Fiction Interactive Fiction on the Nook We show you to access the Google Play Store from your Nook so you can enjoy all of our interactive fiction books on your Nook HD and Nook HD+.

Games for the Blind - Accessible games lend themselves perfectly to text adventure games.  Learn how interactive fiction ebooks fills an important role in providing intelligent entertainment for the blind.

Frequently Asked Questions - Revised, updated and growing all the time! All of the most common questions about Malinche's interactive fiction are answered here.

The Malinche Club - A private club for Malinche customers only, members have access to exclusive material including complete game walkthroughs, free interactive fiction titles from Digiware, and lots of interesting material posted by Howard and other devoted Malinche folks. Make sure you browse the message areas for game secrets and insider tips posted by Howard himself. Customers: When applying for membership be sure to tell us which title(s) you purchased, the email address you used for the purchase and approximately when you made your last purchase so we can approve your membership application quickly.

Enjoy Interactive Fiction Online - Enroll in the Malinche Training Academy and learn how to fully enjoy Interactive Fiction right now. When you've completed your training, you can take a test drive of some our interactive fiction books right on our website.

Zork 1 Completed in Under Eight Minutes - It's true! As the saying goes, "Let's go to the videotape."

Zork: The Music Video - MC Frontalot pays homage to Zork with an upbeat, witty song. Jason Scott worked the camera magic. Requires Apple Quicktime to play.

The History of Zork - This article, published by Malinche in June, 2007 celebrates the birth of Zork back in June 1977.

Timeless Interactive Fiction and Text Adventure Game Articles - Malinche has unearthed buried treasure from the 1980s and 1990s. As timely today as when they were first published, this library is must-reading for anyone even slightly curious about interactive fiction, text adventure games and the next step in the evolution of fiction books.

Parent Gaming Tips - As a responsible game developer, Howard feels very strongly that computer games should be only one part of a truly balanced life. With that in mind, Howard has put together a list of tips that parents should consider.

Did Graphics Kill The Adventure Game? - An editorial Howard wrote for JustAdventure.Com in 2005 trumpeting the cause of interactive fiction and adventure games on the whole.

Text Adventure Games: From the Front Lines to Behind the Scenes - This article was featured on the front page of Adventure Classic Gaming in August 2006 and gives you an inside track to understanding Howard's interactive fiction design philosophy

Fiction Books+TextingInteractive Fiction Discover the impact of modern technology on bridging the old world of text adventure games and interactive fiction with the modern world of smartphones and tablets and texting.


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