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It's All the Same To Us.

All Malinche Interactive Fiction Titles Work Perfectly on all versions of Windows (including Windows 7) and any version of Mac OS X. In addition, our interactive fiction books are compatible with Linux, Unix, the entire Palm family including the latest Palm Pre, Windows Mobile devices, most smartphones, Classic iPods, the iPhone, the iPhone Touch, the iPad and all Blackberry phones!

First, You Will Need an Interpreter to Play Our Free Games.

  1. Malinche's interactive fiction titles are story files which are loaded via an "interpreter" that allows you to play the game. In the same way that e-books need a "reader" program that allows you to access the e-book, our interactive fiction titles need an interpreter that lets you read and interact with our fiction titles.  Another way to look at this is to think of an interpreter as your favorite word processing program and the story file as a document you want to load.

  2. Download Any of the Below Programs you wish  You may want to download WinFrotz for your Dell running Windows XP and CliFrotz so you can play your games on your Palm (Zire, Tungsteon, Treo, etc.) while on the bus commuting to work.  Save all the programs you want to a relevant folder such as "Malinche" 

  3. Run the file you downloaded to install/extract all necessary files.  Then run the interpreter. 

  4. PDA Users should consult their owner's manual on how to load software on your device. Cool thing: You can synchronize your saved game on your PDA with your desktop or laptop and resume your game where you left off on either computer!

  5. You can load all of our game files from your interpreter and begin to play them!

Interactive Fiction Interpreter List


Gargoyle - Don't let the name spook you - Gargoyle is quite possibly the best Windows-based interpreter of interactive fiction. The screen colors and fonts are very friendly to the reading eye.

WindowsFrotz Text-to-Speech - Designed specifically for the blind, this special version of WindowsFrotz speaks the text as the game generates it. This super-good interpreter makes our titles truly accessible.

Apple Macintosh

Zoom - An excellent GUI interpreter for Mac OS X users.  Full of features, Howard highly recommends Zoom as the interpreter-of-choice for OS X people.

OS X Frotz - Frotz for the Macintosh running OS X under Terminal.  While I highly suggest Zoom, Unix fans will prefer this interpreter.  Just type "frotz ~/folder/filename.z8" to run your story after installation.

iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

NEW! Text Adventure Games on the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod Touch- An illustrated  step-by-step guide that will have you enjoying interactive fiction on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in just about three minutes.

MorphFrotz - Frotz for MorphOS which runs on most Amiga computers.

Cell Phones/Smart Phones/Tablets

NEW! ZaxMidlet Installer - Play text adventure games and Interactive Fiction on Your Blackberry! The ZaxMidlet Over The Air (OTA) Installer is here. Which one to use? They both do the same thing but the OTA installer is probably easier to use because you just need to surf to this page from your Blackberry, click on the OTA installer link and you're all set to enjoy Interactive Fiction on your Blackberry! Note - Your story files must be loaded from a Blackberry memory card you can save/copy files to.

Zork 9210 - Play our  text adventure games on your Nokia 9210 Communicator!

Frotz UIQ - Plays your Malinche interactive fiction titles on the following Symbian UIQ phones: Motorola: M1000, A1000,A920, A925. SonyEricsson: P910, P900, P800. Other models: BenQ P30 and the Arima U300. If your phone is not on this list but is Symbian-based running UIQ you're all set.

GFrotz -- Load all of our stories on the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet.

Windows Mobile 5.0/Windows Mobile 6.0/Windows Mobile 6.5

Frostz - Frotz for modern PocketPC 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6.0 and Windows Mobile 6.5 

The Palm Family

CellarDoor - Think Frotz for the Palm family. The best interactive fiction interpreter for modern Palm devices. CellarDoor is based on CliFrotz (see next entry) but appears to run faster and adds some more nifty features. To install -- unzip this file on your PC then Hotsync the PRC file to your Palm and you're off.

CliFrotz - Not just for the Sony Clie anymore, this version of Frotz will run under PalmOS4 or later and loads our standard story files - no converting needed.  If CellarDoor *(see previous entry) doesn't do it for you then this one will. 


RedHatFrotz - This is an RPM you install to Red Hat Linux.

Unix Frotz - Standard .tar file.  Extract, compile and run.  This works for all version of Linux too.

Second... Start Playing Some Free Text Adventure Games!

Please remember: You need to download and install at least one of the above interpreters to play these games.

Azteca - Unravel the dark mysteries of a newly-discovered Aztec temple in this action adventure interactive fiction book.

BOFH - Are you worthy of bearing the title "Bastard Operator from Hell?

Pentari: First Light Test Drive - This introduction to First Light places you at the beginning of your trials and whets your appetite for the full story. If you like science fiction in the fantasy adventure genre you'll have a lot of fun with First Light.

Enjoy other interactive fiction titles online now -- nothing to download, nothing to install. Play right in your browser.

Questions? Stuck Somewhere? Feel Free to Email Us.

Questions? Stuck Somewhere? Feel Free to Contact Us


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