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Text Adventure Games on the iPod, iPhone and iPad

interactive fiction on iPad

Howard Sherman's Azteca on the iPad, courtesy of Art Ude

The entire library of Malinche Interactive Fiction titles (AKA text adventure games) can be enjoyed on any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad right now.  There are just a few fast simple things you need to do:

Step 1 - Purchase and Download your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad interactive fiction titles Right Here.

You purchase our interactive fiction titles from our online store - not from the App Store. While our titles run on Windows, Mac, the Nintendo DS, almost any Blackberry and a dozen other platforms you won't need anything except the "story file" of any Malinche title you own. And that you get directly from us.

Step 2 - Download the Free Frotz Interpreter for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

You will need to download the Frotz interpreter for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad - it's a free download in the iTunes Store. Frotz is the "loader" program that will play our story files on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Frotz for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch comes bundled with some free interactive fiction titles  written by amateurs. Most are tiny compared to Malinche Interactive Fiction titles and nearly all of them are boring. No worries, though.  That's why Malinche is here! Download Frotz for Your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch here.  (We salute Craig Smith for devoting so much energy to delivering such a polished app!)

Step 3 - Transfer Your Malinche interactive fiction titles to your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

(IMPORTANT NOTE - Your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch MUST be connected on your own wireless network first!)

a) Run Frotz on your iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone then touch on the little "info" button (it's an italicized i in a white circle next to the word Frotz)

b) This brings you to the settings menu.  Tap File Transfer.  At the bottom tap the button highlighted in green that says "Start File Transfer Server"

c) The green text will disappear and be replaced with "Connect via web: (or an address very similar to that -- your iPod/iPad/iPhone ip address can vary wildly but it's usually a number starting with 192.168) Make a note of that address.

d) Open a web browser on the computer that has your Malinche story files on them.  In the address bar type in the address you noted in step c.

interactive fiction on the iPad

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Cool! You're surfing your iPhone (or iPod Touch or iPad...) Then scroll down to the bottom of that screen

Interactive Fiction on the iPod Touch

Click on browse to find the Malinche interactive fiction eBook you want to upload to your iPad/iPod/iPhone

interactive fiction ebooks on the iPhone

A standard file dialog box opens - navigate to the folder where you store your Malinche story files, select the story file you want to upload then click open.

interactive fiction ebooks on the iPad

Enter a story title for the interactive fiction eBook you're uploading then click [submit]

interactive fiction eBooks on the iPod Touch

Voila! I uploaded A Pinch in Saint Petersburg to my iPhone 3GS 16 in less than three minutes from start to finish!


Step 4 - Exit out of the settings screens, acknowledge the warning about the file server being closed down.

Step 5 -  Enjoy our Interactive Fiction Titles on Your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch!

Step 6 (optional) - Delete all the boring titles that comes with Frotz to make room for Malinche interactive ficton titles

Here's how:

interactive fiction on the iPod

interactive fiction on the iPhone

Art Ude comments on his experience with interactive fiction on his iPad:


Your Malinche adventures, as do the other adventures, play excellently on the iPad.

The Frotz application, available free, through the iTunes app store is meant for the iPhone/iTouch and the iPad. Being old (78) I find the larger iPad pefect for my tired eyes. In fact it is the PERFECT device for text adventures, better than a desktop or notebook computer. Sit comfortable in my favorite chair, cross my leg, ease back and enter the fantasy world.

The Frotz application allows much customization. Font, font size, color, background color, text color, word completion and file transfer between the iPad and computer. It works in either vertical or horizontal mode.
Thank you.

Art Ude

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

Like always, Malinche Entertainment thinks Apple KICKS ASS!

Steve is a steamroller!  All Hail Woz!



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