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A Timeless Adventure

While razing land in the jungles of Mexico, the amazing discovery of an Aztec temple is made. Untouched for centuries, the excitement of the discovery quickly energized the scientific community as archeologists and anthropologists were drawn to the site to begin the glorious task of exploring the incredible find and the artifacts within.

An urgent phone call in the dead of night awakens you from a deep slumber in your hotel room in Europe. The president of a prestigious University in the United States has called you, a world-famous adventurer, to explore the temple yourself.  The president's panic-stricken voice borders on the hysterical; scientists at the site have gone missing and many rare artifacts have been stolen. Fame and fortune, the very manna of adventurers, is yours. Just escape the temple alive with the riddle solved.


Howard on location in front of an actual Meso-American Temple in Mexico

(Howard always conducts extensive research to bring realism into all his works of fiction!)

Every aspect of actual ruins in Mexico were studied closely.

Gratuitous pose in front of more ruins - these of Mayan origin.

The Grand Implementor with a majestic view of the temple in the background.

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