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...of Fiction Books & Technology.

Stoke the fires of your imagination with exciting new fiction books unlike anything you've ever seen before. We can make that bold statement because we publish a unique type of fiction that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Dear Fiction Fan,

In the annals of publishing history, only once in a great while does a history-making "marriage" take place that makes a novel much more than a fiction book. The privileged few who own such fiction books cherish these crown jewels of the publishing world. What makes such a marriage? Sometimes prose is married to breathtaking illustration while in other instances the author may be writing from their passion to weave an unforgettable story. In the case of Malinche Entertainment we proudly continue the marriage of fiction books and technology first started in 1977 to deliver interactive fiction; a dream come true for anyone who enjoys a good fiction tale.

Taking you beyond the ability to enjoy Malinche Interactive Fiction on any computer we also cater to people on the go. Our interactive fiction books can be loaded on any computer or laptop, iPods, most "smart phones", and even the Nintendo DS. This level of mobility is compelling because this allows you to carry a veritable library of interactive fiction books in your pocket whether you are are on a cross-country flight, in a doctor's office waiting room, at a beach resort or during your daily commute. You, the reader, can handle a stack of books in the palm of your hand with the added dimension of full interaction with all of our fiction books.

Any one of these coveted works of fiction is much more than just a book; it is a conversation piece that sets its owner's home library apart from all others.

The greatest works of fiction combine imagination, intellect and intrigue. Authors not only create characters...they invent new worlds and make them real! The themes of modern literature are drawn from the ancient arts of philosophy, politics, sociology and religion.

Of course, as a fiction fan you've known this for years. And you've also known that no reader's book collection is ever complete; there's always one more gem to read from beginning to end then add to the collection.

With interactive fiction you are in for an unexpected pleasure. It's time to treat yourself to a few more gems for your fiction book collection courtesy of Malinche.

"The prose is superb." - Will L.

Magnificent Fiction Titles You Will Own and Treasure Forever

Malinche Interactive Fiction is unlike anything you've ever experienced in a fiction.  That's because interactive fiction is a whole new dimension in storytelling.

Think of your favorite story. Now think of the main character in that story. And imagine that you have become that character. You are standing in his shoes, in his world. You have people to meet, places to visit and challenges to face. It's all just as vivid as anything you've ever experienced in real life.

The decisions are yours.. and so are the consequences. In interactive fiction, you communicate with the story in conversational English sentences or you can abbreviate; our games are intelligent and will understand you. The plot unfolds as you decide what to do next, drawing you into a world so involving that it taps your adrenaline as much as your intellect. Your pulse races with the anticipation of what lies ahead. You feel the thrill of discovery and the panic of life-threatening situations. You laugh, you cry, you cheer aloud, and when you finally succeed, the glory is all yours.

Beginning with incredible primary research conducted live and on location, I labor to weave a thought-provoking story around the places, peoples and things I encounter. Invoking your emotions as well as your intellect, the result is an experience beyond conventional fiction; you are totally immersed in the Interactive Fiction world you find yourself in.

I've unearthed an article written by two pioneers in Interactive Fiction, original Implementers at Infocom. The article does such a good job of fully explaining Interactive Fiction that everyone is encouraged to read it. Read the Interactive Fiction article

Interactive fiction is the fusion of books and technology. This fusion taps into the hidden power of today's computers, handhelds and smartphones to deliver the novel of the future that glues you to every turn the story takes. What sets our fiction titles apart from conventional fiction books and even eBooks is that our titles are interactive. Every title we offer engages your mind and imagination as you make your way through the story and interact with the other characters in the title as the plot unfolds in response to every move you make.

If you're thinking Malinche publishes eBooks you're on the right track but that doesn't tell the whole story. Consider that our interactive fiction titles are fiction eBooks you can talk to in conversational English. That's the nature of Malinche interactive fiction; every fiction book we offer actually demands your participation at every turn the story takes.

That's because you are the main character in the story!

If you'd rather take a pass on interactive fiction and enjoy your next good read as you would any other eBook novel, we're here to accommodate. All of our titles are available for download as standard eBooks in Adobe PDF format. You can also download our fiction books directly to your Amazon Kindle right from our website.

Still, I encourage you to consider the powerful possibilities of choice available to you when you actually participate in an interactive fiction novel. Words and pictures cannot begin to describe the experience of reading and owning a masterpiece of interactive fiction where you step inside the story and become the main character. Because all of our titles are interactive they are also non-linear; you can decide to take the story in any direction you like at any time you want.

Since all of our interactive fiction books are dynamic and fluid, you can enjoy any Malinche interactive fiction title time and time again and still be surprised, sometimes even startled, by what can happen next in the story.

"I am completely in awe of your work." - Joy Spears, Murder and Mayhem Book Club

If you enjoy a good book or remember timeless text adventure games then you're in for an unexpected pleasure. Malinche creates a fusion of the classic with the cutting edge delivering an astonishing experience beyond any conventional fiction book that everyone can enjoy.

Because with a Malinche work of interactive fiction you're more than a passive reader who can only turn pages or a typical computer gamer constrained by what you can click on. Like any fine work of fiction there's not a picture to be found anywhere in any of our titles. In a Malinche work of interactive fiction graphics of any kind are unnecessary because your imagination provides all the pictures. Even the most advanced graphics technologies in the world cannot compete with the imagery your own mind can create.

"Thank you for bringing back mind adventures of the best kind." - Mona W.

Towering Works of the Imagination

Every Malinche interactive fiction title is a timeless, towering work of the imagination. Each one invites you to new worlds, sometimes encounter strange phenomena and entertain new possibilities. These fiction titles have everything; great plots, unforgettable characters, and colorful writing. Nothing could be more vivid than the mental imagery, worlds and concepts that I, as an Implementor of entire fictional worlds, bring to life in your mind.

We publish fiction titles that cater to every taste and every interest. From crime fiction and science fiction to horror fiction and suspense fiction, you'll find a Malinche title that will pull you inside the story and engage your senses and your imagination at every turn.

While a book has a pre-determined chronology of events as written by the author, the events in a work of Interactive Fiction are dictated by you, the player. You decide when to search the garden for footprints and other clues, you determine which interesting items in a room you will take with you or leave behind. How will the story end? Only you can decide that.

Set Your Library Apart From the Ordinary

Taking you beyond ordinary fiction books, you can talk to our interactive fiction titles, typing in full English sentences. And our stories respond, communicating entirely in vividly descriptive prose. Going further, you can actually shape any title's course of events through the actions you take. At every step hundreds of different possibilities present themselves to you, each one very possibly leading to a different outcome. Sometimes you may even be startled by what you will discover in our titles.

A Malinche interactive fiction title is roughly the same size as a full-length novel in scope but there's so much you can see and do, your adventures can last for weeks or even months.

We are proud to further the Interactive Fiction tradition started by the legendary Infocom almost thirty years ago with such classics as Zork, Enchanter and Planetfall among many others that are enjoyed the world over.

"Infocom delivered the very best Interactive Fiction possible back in its heyday and, I am happy to say, Malinche Entertainment is continuing that tradition in ways we couldn't have imagined" - Grandmaster Marc Blank, famed Implementer of the world-famous Zork series, Deadline, Enchanter, Border Zone, Journey and a founder of the legendary Infocom.

We're Compatible.


All Malinche interactive fiction titles work perfectly on all versions of Windows (including Windows 8), all versions of Mac OS X (including OS X Lion). Our interactive fiction books are also compatible with all Windows Mobile Devices including the latest Windows phones. your Blackberry, the iPod Touch, the iPhone any iPad, any Android tablet or Android phone AND the Nook HD and Nook HD+!


I invite you to browse our online bookstore, help yourself to some free stories and explore the world of interactive fiction. Thank you for stopping by and taking an interest.

Implementor of Interactive Fiction

Delve Deeper Into the Many Amazing Worlds of Interactive Fiction Now.




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